Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Combo In the World!

You see this sandwich? That my friends is a peanut butter and chocolate cake sandwich on whole wheat bread. Yes, you read that correctly- peanut butter and chocolate cake.

It happens to be one of my starving kitchen rage creations. And it turned out pretty good! I've been experimenting a lot more with peanut butter/chocolate combinations. Becky would be so proud of me! In November, I made chocolate covered peanut butter Grahm crackers (but I am sad to say the chocolate covered cream cheese ones tasted better.).

I think I can only attribute my new experiments with this combination to Becky. Because she is awesome and she makes the best chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I could eat those for Breakfast! Yummy! And I never would have considered new extremities of the peanut butter and chocolate variety without her influence in my life.

So here's to Becky and her favorite combination! Thank you so much! <3

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  1. You know, I bet that was delicious.
    Good for you for having the courage to experiment!
    Happy findings wished to you!


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