Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fever!

Happy first day of spring everyone!

The fever has definitely hit. Today, I was singing songs such as "I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day" and an original composition, "I don't want to studyyyyyy because it's sunshiny outside and it feels like spppprrriiiiingggg!" in my beautiful opera voice.

And mom was talking about going to the nursery and getting some pretty flowers to plant in the backyard!! And I was so excited to go with her, that I made myself do a practice test before we went. (Motivation!)

And it was so much fun! All the pretty flowers... They made me smile. *sigh* We ended up dropping a hundred dollars on plants, soil, and miscellaneous other items while there. But it was so worth it. You know why? Because they make me happy, that's why! ^-^

The picture above is me and one of the cats that live at the nursery--his name was Auggie. Isn't he cute? Cats are the best! Apparently, this particular nursery actually has thirty cats on their twenty-two acre property.

Two things:
1. I don't care how much you like cats, but even for a cat lady, THIRTY cats is downright ridiculous!
2. The property did not look like it was 22 acres. Maybe I misheard her or something. But we drove around the side and it didn't look nearly that big. But what do I know?

Have a lovely spring everyone! And know that I'll be singing and dancing my way through fields of flowers this time next month! (Not really, but I'll be so happy that it'll feel like it anyway.)

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