Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christian's Ensemble!!

If you do not know, Christian is very talented at playing the piano. (And it's possible that that is an understatement.) Tonight was the annual Ensemble Piano Concert down by the university.

Now, this isn't your regular, run of the mill, piano recital. Oh no, this is a fancy schmancy dress-up-all-nice, five-hundred-student, twelve-piano concert. Not even kidding. It was a big deal.

This is the third year I've attended and it's all very nice and professional. This year, the theme was "Around the World on 88 Keys" and they played pieces from all over the world! Christian's piece was one of the more difficult ones, a Russian piece called "Prelude in C#." And he did a great job! Granted, I didn't hear his individual playing (since twelve to thirty six students can be on stage at any one time.), but still. All the performers were excellent.

I knew a lot of other kids who were playing in the ensemble, though I didn't get to see all of them afterward. Altogether, it was a lovely evening, despite the alleged 100% chance of precipitation (which thankfully did not fall until later that evening, but it certainly looked stormy out.)

And that dress? Would you ever have guessed that I found it in a thrift store! I have become quite the thrift shopper, much thanks to my mom. I will have to photo-document one of my trips sometime and blog about it.

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