Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Party Time!!!

It's official now: we are bad at remembering to take photographs!! We got zero pictures of my party, this last weekend and a small handful of pictures at the restaurant on my proper birthday. (which is a real shame because I was wearing a beautiful skirt that day, if I may say so.)

On my actual birthday, Kerri took me out to lunch and we went shopping at the mall. It was great fun. We didn't really end up buying anything but that's okay. It was still fun.

I spent the afternoon chillin' at home working on my novel. (it is editing time!!) Then, after dad got home, we went out for


Oh my gosh, it was so lovely. That is $80 worth of sushi right there. But since we went at 1/2 price hour, we got it for $40. Gotta love that!!!

The few pictures of me at the restaurant:

I feel so non-photogenic sometimes. But there ya go. The sushi place is called Sushi Ten. :) I like it. The food was soooo delicous. They messed up our order in a few places but it was still very good. And some of it was spicy!!

Then, for my party on Friday, I invited a handful of my friends over for dinner and we all went out to a lovely dessert place downtown (actually, more midtown) called Something Sweet. It's kind of an upscale college hang-out place; they're open really late and it's by the university. We played games there for about three hours. It was so much fun!! Then I had two of my girlfriends spend the night and we watched "Ever After." Kind of a small party but still really fun! Next year, I'm having a square dance. Yeehaw!!

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