Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Francisco!

So the trip to San Francisco was pretty fun! A little bittersweet because of the circumstances, but still a fun trip.

The first day, we spent most of the day in the city. To kill time until the Wake, we went to Golden Gate Park!
Flute Man I thought was interesting!

We visited the Japanese Tea Garden.

Nick and I at the top of a tall bridge. It was quite difficult to get down.

a fountain


And there's that gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge!

Despite the bitterness of the funeral, it was a fun trip! We got a lot of business taken care of, saw a lot of people (as much as can fit in four days, which isn't very much when you consider that our entire lives are there...)

So much happened, and it was so long ago (like a month) that I don't know how to capture it all. But I'm going to write an essay of the experience (idea courtesy of Aunt Colleen) and it will be called, "Flowers for Grandfather." See? Doesn't that sound good already? And I haven't even begun to write it yet! It's amazing what a title can do.

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