Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Sweet!

Meara organized an impromptu youth and government get together at Something Sweet. It was so much fun! And their cheesecake is so delicious! I got the black forest cheesecake.

 Y&G peeps. Now you can see everybody!! (Well, not quite everybody.) The boys had a game of Uno goin at one end of the table and we played Spot it in the middle... (Thank you Aunt Colleen! We love it!)
And on this end of the table, the guys were just being goofy! I am not sure what they are doing in this picture...

Another picture of my cheesecake before I ate it. The server was so good to us (there were 13 of us!) Even when Logan spilled a giant pitcher of Mountain Dew all over and they didn't tell our server about it... We cleaned it up as best as we could. But I kind of expected them to at least tell our server that there was a spill.. Idk. Apparently, they thought he saw the whole thing... Who knows. It was a nice evening of games, cheesecake, and friends. Maybe we'll do it again sometime.

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