Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seven Falls Hike

Our homeschool group went on a hike to a place called Seven Falls.

It was a lovely hike- about two miles there and back. We ate lunch at the falls and splashed around in the water (believe it or not, there was water and it was freezing!!! I dunked my head under.)

We had two groups: a fast-paced group and a slow-paced group. Cam was at the head of the fast-paced group for most of the way. 

We had interesting conversations along the way. Jim's dad is a lawyer and he started talking to us about the difference between the various charges of manslaughter. Interesting stuff!!

In this picture, if you look really hard, you can see Cam. He is the one with the orange hat (Thank you Grandma Kaaren!) and blue backpack. He's almost dead center of the photo.

The falls were so beautiful!! I should've taken more pictures, I really should have. At least I got some. I will try to see if my friends got any pictures.

It was a truly wonderful hike!! I'm gonna try to lead my family back there at some point. ;)

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