Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our Easter began with an incredible sunrise service at a park downtown. It was very refreshing.

Funny story though, on the way there, the police had blocked off the road diverting traffic into a neighborhood. It didn't appear to be an accident as there were no cars nearby. The only explanation we could offer was a possible Denny's holdup(?). Unlikely, but no other explanation presented itself and we were busy winding our way through the unfamiliar neighborhood. Turned out that there was NO WAY OUT! So we had to go back the way we came. We ended up being five minutes late. But the service was totally worth it.

I'll admit, it was kind of the first time I'd really thought about the crucifixion all weekend. It didn't set in as heavily this year as in other years. I think part of it was due to the fact that I got wrapped up around all the little details of the weekend.

After the service, we went out to breakfast with Stacey and Bruce. Good conversation and company all around.

I worked in Sunday school with the kids at church. We had a blast talking about how Jesus forgave sins and the Holy spirit. We made "fruit of the spirit" juice and Ms. Jessica compared the holy spirit to burping! Not an analogy those kids will forget anytime soon, I'm sure! (Their poor parents; I can't imagine!)
He tried to get out of the picture, but I got him!

We spent the afternoon together on the porch once the chores were done. Dad played guitar while I wrote some poetry. Cam came out after a while and mom was weeding while we sang along to dad's strumming. It all reminded me of a country family on a summer's day. I felt so happy.

The poem I wrote went like this:

Someone cries in the darkness.
I could not forget those cold bitter nights.
But today-- life is married to death,
In a beautiful picture of love.
Soft yellow sunshine beams light up our mornings,
Flowers spring up from barren ground-
A glimpse of nature's golden smile,
And a thousand tiny stars twinkle above earth,
Whispering, "He is risen!"

This is my easter dress!
The afternoon was leisurely and enjoyable and relaxing. Followed by it was a fantastic dinner with even more pleasurable company and conversation. Altogether, a perfect day if I do say so myself!

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