Monday, April 30, 2012

Fish Tacos

It has come to my attention, that posting pictures about food on the Internet is a bit...shall we say, cliche. Or even- dare I say it?- obnoxious! =O

I have noticed that I post about food a lot on this blog. But what can I saw? I am the spawn of two amazing cooks. So naturally, food is a big part of my life. And that's really why I post pictures of food on here. I think food brings people together. We are constantly eating together, inviting others to eat with us, joking, conversing, talking about deep things. They say, that in literature, whenever the characters eat together, a communion is taking place. Not necessarily a religious communion, but a communion of spirits. And I think it's awesome that consummation of biodegradable products can bring people together in such a deep way.

In California, Milea and I met up and we visited cooperative housing at the college she is attending in the fall. And there was one guy we talked to who held the same view: food brings people together. He is working on an agricultural degree and he really hopes to work with food or educate people about food. He was an interesting guy and I loved his take on food, and I realized that he was right. It does bring us together!

So that is why I post pictures of food on this blog: because food is an important part of our life and it brings us together.

These are some fish tacos dad made for us. The menu for the Tyler Tacqueria is almost complete! (Just kidding- but we do almost have enough recipes to open a Mexican restaurant. How cool would that be?)

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