Friday, April 20, 2012

Pier 39 and Being a Bus Noob

Post-surgery, the week has rapidly progressed while the inverse has occurred on my blog. But that will change thanks to automated posting! But here are the pictures from when me and mom hiked from our hotel, through Ghiradelli Square, and all the way to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.

It was such a beautiful day, that I didn't even take a sweater with me!

One thing about San Francisco, is that those little crosswalk lights aren't fooling around. (Real quick on the subject of crosswalk lights we invented names for each sign: "green man of joy/life," "blinking hand of [imminent] doom," and "the red hand of death." just thought that might interest you.) If you want to cross the street, you'd better book it! So me and mom are running across Lombard street and her ankle pops! Oh no! What do we do now?

She took an Advil and roughed it out while on the wharf. But there was no way we were going to make it up that hill. So what did we do? San Francisco Public Transit System to the rescue!! That's right, folks. We took the bus.

Rumor has it, that my grandma didn't even get her license until well after she turned sixteen (her age shall not be disclosed here.), simply because the public transit in San Francisco was so amazingly GREAT that she didn't need her own car! Talk about being economical.

So we got our own taste of wonders of the San Francisco bus system. And I must say, it was exciting! I believe this was my first time ever riding a public bus that was not on its way to or from an airport. At first, I was quite self conscious about this, because I was quite obviously, a Bus Noob. Even Mim got a little confused as to which stop(s) to get off at. But nice ladies who rode the bus helped us out.

So we bought our tickets for two dollars each (only to find out I only costed 75 cents) and then, we got a ninety minute free transfer ride. (I am certain it was called something much cooler than that.) but what all this fancy schmancy stuff means (for you other Bus Noobs out there) is that for 90 minutes (or an hour and a half) after you purchase your ticket, you can get on any bus you want. After that, you have to pay another fare. But our bus driver was super duper nice and gave us two extra hours!!! So we ended up taking the bus and transferring three times (which inly would've been possible with the little Chinese lady who showed us which stop to get off at and which bus to transfer to next.) to the hospital where Grandma was. (I shall refrain from sharing details of the surgery and outcome here on my blog, but if you have any questions, comments, concerns, condolences, spare candy wrappers you don't want...whatever it is you have for me, you can talk to me in person, by phone, text, and/or email.)

The bus ride was a little hectic, not knowing what to do, but altogether a fun experience! I am now a bus advocate for life. Yay bus rides!

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