Friday, April 20, 2012

Squid Fries and the Cute Asian Guy

The interesting thing about our hotel was that it was a cheap, fleabag hotel. The elevator sounded like a dying whale when you went up (or down) in it. Or it could've sounded like a ferry boat. A sick ferry boat.

The hotel itself wasn't that bad, but one of the reviews complained about... *whispers* prostitutes... Which, I've really got nothing against the ladies- I mean, they've got to make a living (though I do not agree with prostitution.)

But here's the funny part- down the street from the hotel was a place called "Ho's Chinese Cuisine." XD (Another review for the same hotel said, "Can't wait to get me some Ho's!" which is what makes the whole thing funny and ironic... Bad joke maybe. I dunno. I thought it was funny.)

Anyways. Me and Mom went to Ho's for dinner. And if you have been reading my blog for any significant length of time, you ought to know that we are in love with these delicious magical things called "Squid Fries." and they are fried baby squid tossed with garlic salt and jalapeƱos. Sooo tasty! They had then at Ho's and they were pretty good. (Naturally, we couldn't not order them.) They were a little overlooked, but still good.

Annnnddd... Our server was a cute Asian guy. (I have found more and more on this trip that for some reason, I really like the way Asians look! I wish I looked more Asian. I wish I could get away with wearing a Chinese dress. I wish I didn't feel so foreign on Clemente street...) the Asian guy had a cool haircut that came to a point on one side. We decided that Cam would look very attractive with the same haircut. (Not attractive to us... That would just be weird. Incest and Oedipus complex? Haha no.. But attractive in general.) So I tried to discreetly take a picture of it (the haircut)/him, as I thought it would be really weird if I just asked him if I could take his picture. But I ended up with a really blurry picture of him because he was moving and a really weird picture of mom. I should've asked instead.

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