Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wasabi and Ginger Sushi

In my previous post, I mentioned that me and Mom ate sushi for dinner, so here is an obligatory post about it.

This was the first time, mom and I had ever walked away from a sushi restaurant slightly hungry- even after we'd ordered an extra roll. (This was probably due in part to walking all over China town all afternoon.)

Despite this, the sushi was amazing! We wanted to order salt and pepper squid and it was on the menu, however the waitress said it was discontinued because it was not ordered enough.

We ordered a California roll (spicy tuna roll with avacado on top), the Super Dynamite roll (a spicy tuna roll lightly fried, coated in eel sauce with fish eggs and a line of chile paste across the top.), and some maguro nagiri. The super dynamite roll was the best. It was so spicy, my lips were tingling for a while afterward.

After we'd finished that, we ordered a wasabi ginger martini roll. It was an all fish roll, lightly fried and served in a martini glass. It was a rather anticlimactic end to the meal as there's was no spice and the waitress had taken away the wasabi.

However, I was able to eavesdrop on a riveting conversation at the table behind us. A woman was telling the story of her sister (in law?) announcing her pregnancy on Facebook around April Fool's Day. "We've told the grandparents and now it's time to tell the rest of you..." No one believed it was legit. And all the signs said it wasn't. The woman refused to congratulate her sister because she didn't want to be fooled and even if it was legit, she was upset that it went out over Facebook instead of personally. It made her feel like the rest of the family that wasn't the parents was chopped liver. Poor gal. I don't blame her. She was still animatedly telling her story as we left the restaurant so I never found out if the announcement was legit or not. But lesson learned- it is better to send personal notes to close friends and family before broadcasting.

I am starting to get very good at judging people's relations to one another by how they interact with each other and talk to/about people.

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