Thursday, April 5, 2012

For the Birds (2)

There was a time when I thought I would use my blog to imitate Tumblr by merely posting the things that I found interesting. Instead of things that were interesting in my life. (Perhaps there was a small part of me that did not think my life was interesting, but that doesn't necessarily have to translate into, "Hey! My life is boring, here is a funny video I like!") Fortunately (for all of us) I have moved past that time, and while the blogging is slow, it's been better.

So today, we were at the university taking another exam. (I was taking it, to be precise. Human Growth and Development. Passed! Scored a 59.) and Mom and Cam went down to the student Union for food while I was testing.

I finished earlier than they'd expected so Mom gave me directions. I don't think I'm very good at following directions; I got lost. Fortunately, I only ended up a block west of them (where there also happened to be a "parking garage with steps, which she was directing me to.). Oddly enough, I ALMOST found them! If I'd walked just a little bit further, I would've found the red umbrellas she described to me. As it was, I could not look past the blue umbrellas that were right in front of me. So I stopped to call her again. And I wandered around some more, probably looking like a lost high-schooler on a college campus until, finally, I took the way I was more familiar with (which included walking around the whole student union building to the south side and winding my way through the food court. Note to self: Don't try to speed walk in a food court.)

In the end, I found them. Cam was kind of mad because Mom sent him to go lookout for me and then we called for him and I was at the table and he was way at the table... Yeah, I have no sympathy; he's not the one who had to muddle through a crowded campus!

But the point of this story is not that I can't follow directions, or that I took and passed another exam. And it's really not about how lost I felt.

If you look carefully, the bird is on the chair, just below the arm rest!
It's really all about these pictures I snapped. While we were sitting at the tables, me eating French fries, Cam sulking and mom talking, and all of us taking a little rest, if you watched the other tables, the birds were little daredevils! They were jumpin' all over the tables and stealing crumbs. It was funny, there was the college student who was staring off into space and he didn't even notice I was snapping a picture of him! (so says, the stalker in me!)

It was quite comical to watch them flit across the tabletops so fearlessly. I won't talk about hygiene here, or the real tragedy that happens when you give animals human food. Because for one thing, those are posts for another day, and for another thing, today, I don't really care. I just enjoyed the scene.

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