Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Develop A Following-- or the Sexy Saxophone Man

 Here are some practical tips on how to develop a following.

Step 1. Learn how to play an instrument. (Saxophone is great! Anyone up for the banjo?)
Step 2. Develop a persona.
Step 3. Dress in attire that truly embodies your persona.
Step 4. Serenade random strangers with your new musical skills.

And that's it.

I want you to meet--Sergio Flores, one of our counselors who is also known as "the sexy sax man." (I'm not sure how he got that name, but that's all I can think when he's wearing his "getup")

This is me running back toward the bus. I didn't realize he was with our group, so I was chasing him with my camera so I could get a picture of his awesome saxophone playing. I should've known I would have more opportunities later. His real name is Scott and he's actually a pretty cool guy.

These pictures do not show the following he developed. He certainly had the hearts of all the students from CCC, but more than that, he had the love of students everywhere.

One night, he decided to take his persona and go serenade some people during night free time. Everyone who heard him was enthralled! "Who is he?" "What? You haven't heard of Sergio Flores? He's only the greatest Sax player there ever was!" People gathered around him and followed him wherever he went. And then, he did the unspeakable... He got up one of the street lamps and kept playing in the most un-risque, but still recognizable pole-dancing impersonation! Our group happened to think it was hilarious, but I'm not sure the Hume counselors agreed. Later in the week, he ended up shaving his beard and parting his hair differently so the Hume counselors wouldn't recognize him. XD But altogether a funny guy, and quite popular on the campus.

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