Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Camp: The Best Times for Showers

In all honesty, the best time to take showers at camp is during free time. Why? Because everyone is at the beach! I do have a terrible shower story to share at the end of all these beachy pictures.

 Someone is being buried, I wonder who it could be?

 It's Jim!

So we get back to the dorms after the beach and all the girls want showers before dinner. So many girls wanted showers, we actually had to limit shower times to under five minutes. Somehow, I ended up towards the end of the "waiting for open showers" list, but I was okay with it. We still had time for dinner.

When a shower finally opened up, I was all, "Great!" I grabbed my towel and shampoo and took my shower. I left my clothes in the room because I was just going to be quick and I didn't want to take extra time for someone else who might need a shower after me. And, that's just what we did: we walked back to our room wrapped in a towel to change. That's just how it was. No big deal, right?

So I get out of the shower and I walk back to the dorm room and the door is locked!! And my roommate had the one and only key and she had gone to dinner! First I checked to make sure she wasn't hanging out in her friend's dorm or something. I asked the girls in the bathroom if they'd seen Kasmira. Nope. So I told a girl who was heading up to the mess hall to look out for her and we got one of our counselors to go look for her too.

Meanwhile, I'm just awkwardly hanging around the dorm room wrapped up in my towel, just waiting. and waiting. and waiting. (In reality, it was probably only 15-20 minutes, but still.) Thankfully, one of my friends/counselor Hannah gave me some of her clothes to wear, but I still couldn't go up to dinner, because my meal card was locked in my room. (No meal card=no dinner.) I had been in Hannah's room and I decided to go check the door again, just in case, I had just freaked out for no reason and it actually was unlocked.

The door was wide open! Kasmira had come and opened the door and left again. I grabbed my meal card and went to dinner with Hannah, before I got locked out of the mess hall. She was kind enough to stay with me until we got it all sorted out.

At first, I was really annoyed, but when I talked to Kasmira, it turned out that the door had locked itself and the wind had blown it shut.

I got locked out of the room several times thereafter (simply because I got to the dorms first, not because she had locked the door and left), but by the end of the week, I got smart and put the things I would need on a shelf in the bathroom so I could just grab what I needed without access to the room.

So that's my shower story of the week.

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