Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meat Ian!

Ian, Ian. There is so much to say about Ian. First, he's the person just left of me, and I know he's hard to see, but I don't have a better picture of him. Next time I see him though, I'll try to get one. And he'll probably tease me about it, but I'll just tell him I'm capitalizing on his image now before his imminent fame. I don't know. Something ridiculous like that.

Annyways... Ian is a freshman I met at camp. (His status as a freshman is of importance because it was a subject of great debate at camp: the difference between good freshman and bad freshman, the awkward freshman stage, and much much more.) He is one of those people who would really get on your nerves if he wasn't so funny.

I met him while playing ping pong with the Amigos during free time. (Funny story there: I was playing against Jim and I was really bad, but Trevor was keeping score so he gave me extra points whenever Jim should've scored! ^-^) I believe I played Ian in ping pong, but I don't remember who won. I'd like to say it was me, since I'm a senior and he's a freshman, but I really can't remember.

After we tired of ping pong, we decided to play Hearts. (One of my favorite games!) Right as we started dealing out the cards, two other guys joined us: John and Cory. They were from another church, but they were pretty cool. So we're playing Hearts and in the middle of the game, Ian starts giving me this really creepy smile. And I'm like, "What?"
"I'm cheating." he says, his grin getting even wider. Indignant, I said, "Are you looking at my hand?!" because up to that point, I'd been very careful not to be flashin my hand to everyone.
Without a pause he says, "Why yes, you have beautiful hands!" Which sparked a conversation all about my hands (at a table of guys.) A few moments later, it was John's turn and he wasn't going fast enough so I tapped him on the hand to go and he was like, "Oh my gosh your hands are so soft!" which sent the conversation back to my hands. I was flattered that they thought so well of my hands, but it was a little bit awkward; I kept them in my lap after that.

Then, during chapel the next day, Ian was sitting next to me and Kendra comes up with a stack of letters from my family. So I start in on the first one from Cam, and he's watching me. Then he grabs the next letter (from Dad), opens it, and reads it. And hands it back to me. The picture was taken right after he gave it back to me. I wasn't mad; just...surprised. Like, I'm glad he felt comfortable enough to open my mail and read it!

So that's Ian for you. He has a strange personality... He's one of those annoying kids whom you would hate if you couldn't love him. Or if he didn't make everyone laugh so much. I had a good reason to dislike him since he was trying to make me angry (just to see what would happen; he liked to push buttons like that.), but he made me laugh and I liked the kid, even though he was a freshman.

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