Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Ward off Creepers

This post shall commence a series of posts detailing all the wonderful and great things I learned at summer camp! I had this whole idea to compile it as a how-to manual, but we'll see how that goes. It will be a how to manual with irrelevant pictures! =D

The first day, I got my first creeper! (Just to clarify here, there was only one creeper.) Here is what I wrote about it at the end of the day, 1 and I already have a creeper. O_o I'm having flashbacks of my first camp experience [in sixth grade]/ Although, I think that my imagination may or may not have been employed in that. For whatever reason, I thought a bajillion boys had crushes on me. It was practically all I wrote about in my journal [meaning, that I was obsessed]

It was Joe that brought him to my attention. We have code-named him "Pierre." I was playing ninja with the girls and this guy kept hovering around the edges of our group. One of the girls invited him to play with us and he enthusiastically jumped in. He kept aiming for my hand; I didn't notice.

So Joe says, "that dude has a crush on you."

"What? No." Instant denial. Funny how a default response never goes away. I remember saying the same exact words five years ago. He went on to talk about how Pierre had tried to distinguish himself as the "alphamale."

Apparently, he wasn't even in our group. He introduced himself to me, but I didn't hear it. I think it was Matt. It doesn't matter though. Then, while we were in the middle of another game, and he came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and he said to me, "Our group is going to sit close to the front if you want to sit with us."

And very calmly, I said, "Um, I'm going to sit with my own church, sorry." And that was that. He didn't try to talk to me again all week, but I was really paranoid after that. I kept seeing him everywhere. It was creepy!

Thankfully, Joe didn't leave me in the dark; he taught me how to get rid of him.

1) Go up to him and ask him if he's an atheist
2) Say, "Sorry I don't date non-atheists"
3) Walk away.

This could have had one of two effects:

1) He would leave me alone for the rest of the week.
2) He would follow me everywhere trying to talk to me and witness to me.

Grateful as I was for his input, I opted not to take his advice. O_o

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  1. Nice. I've had some creepers in my time...typo in the title btw. =)


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