Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to make your thighs ache

 One word: Hills.

Point Loma campus has TONS of hills and stairs. We had to walk down two flights of stairs to get to our dorms. We have to walk up stairs to get to the cafeteria--three times a day. We have to walk up hills and down hills to get anywhere on the campus. It. is. awful.

And my thighs didn't like it one bit. Plus, during rec the first day, I did this stupid game on those stupid ball hoppers. Killed me! (But our team won!) I could've sworn my thighs would be rock hard by the time we made it home. Sadly, they weren't. Oh well.

On the second day, Hannah and I got up at 6am for a nice morning walk along the edge of the ocean. Technically, we weren't on the edge, but we were on these cliffs that overlooked the ocean! There was a nice little dirt trail that we followed. Note in the picture, the trail is not the one to the right. That is the beach. The trail is what I'm standing on.

It was a beautiful morning that day, and thanks to a nice man in a public service car who gave us a ride up the hill, we made it for dawn patrol!

Dawn Patrol is just an early morning worship that they do at 7 at the amphitheater. It's really nice. Everything's all acoustic. It's an awesome way to start the day off.

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