Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet the Four Amigos!

These are the 4 Amigos! Left to right, Alex, Jim, Joe, and Trevor.

These guys are so awesome! They crack me up all the time. XD I've been hanging out with them since middle school awana.

Kind of a funny story about them: One year, Mattea came to visit me and I took her with me to Awana, and she looked at all the guys and she was like, they're kind of like you're seven dwarves! (only there weren't seven there were more like five.) So we gave them their appropriate dwarf names.

Alex was named Bashful, because he was really quiet. (He still is very reserved, but when his sense of humor comes out, it's great! He is funny in the most subtle ways.)

Jim didn't actually get his own dwarf name, but we called him Meanie-Jim. Except the name was actually much longer... Jim was Grumpy-Annoying-Selfish-Ignorant-Mishchievous-Little-Boy. I forget what exactly he did to deserve that name, but it must have been something really bad. Or really annoying. Or both. Or me and Matt were just messing around, blowing things out of proportion in our middle school minds... I can assure you, Jim has outgrown his dwarf name. Mattea also admitted that Jim is really funny, but that he shouldn't flatter himself.

Joe was nicknamed Doc, "because of what Jim did." If I remember correctly, Joe had shown up that night with his wrist in a brace and blamed it on Jim. So we called him, "Doc" because he needed to see one. Joe could probably still keep his dwarf name as he gets injured all the time. He also has the most amazing stories about how he gets them too! Last time, he was chasing the guy who kidnapped a little girl in Tucson (it was all over the news) and they were in Mexico city and the kidnapper jumped over a forty foot wall and Joe followed him and as he was falling, he had to decide, "well, it's either face or foot." and landed on his foot, spraining his ankle. No one knows what really happened.

Last but not least, Trevor. We had a lot of trouble coming up with a name for Trevor. When it came down to it, we had three names to pick from: Sneezy, Dopey, or Sleepy. We ruled out Dopey. And Sneezy didn't really suit his personality, so Sleepy won out. But honestly, he does look like he's tired all the time.

So hopefully, none of the 4 amigos know this blog exist, or they would know their dwarf names (which occasionally, me and Matt still use, though it's been a while). In any case, that's the four amigos and a little bit about them. They're just a bunch of goofballs, and they're kind of like the three musketeers, except there's four of them. Hence the 4 Amigos.

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