Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to have team spirit: Recreation!!

Recreation is sort of like the epitome of camp experiences. (Except not for me.) Personally, I'm not very fond of recreation--it's actually my least favorite part. I much prefer chillin or conversations over food in the cafeteria. However, this doesn't keep me from enjoying recreation!

At Hume, there are two teams: The Oohs versus the Ahhs.

I was an Ooh. And on each team there are 8 sub-teams which utitlize the main team name. So my subteam was the Oopsies. Cam was an Ahh and he was on the team La Cucarachas. So the big teams compete against each other, but the little teams also compete to get first. You can get points by winning in the games, team spirit, and memorizing Bible verses (my weapon of choice).

The first two days of Recreation are 4 Way Games, where groups of four teams face off in different games. Wednesday is relay games with all teams competing against one another. We have a "Night Rec" in which we play a giant game of Kajavi Can Can in the dark with awesome music and glowsticks everywhere. Then the final Rec is The Amazing Race! During the amazing race, you must complete twelve or so challenges all over campus. These challenges include such things as: a questionaire, doing the hokey pokey, group picture with mustaches, ten man pyramid, and hopscotch. Here's the catch: as you are traveling across campus, your team must be connected at all times (ie. holding hands or linked arms.) This is extremely difficult when, say, running uphill or up stairs. I think I would've died doing the amazing race if it weren't for my inhaler. (Who has been so helpful, it deserves a name. Suggestions anyone?)

Wednesday is also Super Spirit Day and this year the theme is Red/White/Blue (Probably in honor of fourth of July and the Olympics!) So everyone was dressed in fabulous red, white, and blue.
Jacque, Myself, Zoe, and Kazmira (my roomate)

This is Joe in his patriotic-ness. All the guys had crazy hats! One of the leaders even shaved his head!

The girls on Oopsies!

And this is our whole church group!

In case you missed it, here's a fast bullet point list on how to have team spirit:
  • Smile.
  • Make up amazing cheers everyone on your team can scream at the top of their lungs. (Bonus points if your cheer is so catchy, people will still be hearing it in their heads two years later!)
  • Wear the craziest getup possible: Red White and Blue!
  • Help pick up equipment after Rec.
  • Bribe referees with sweets.

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