Saturday, January 23, 2010

Apple Peels for Wilbur!

A while back, apples were on sale and Mom bought eighty (80) pounds!! (typical, knowing her.) We ate some of them in the beginning but a good majority of them went into our friend's (very large) freezer-never to be seen again.

haha, no. Yesterday, we went over to her house and we peeled apples for 3 hours! We also made the delicious gooey yumminess pictured above. That, is apple pie filling and it is warm, heavenly goodness. And it's all mine!! Mwa hahahahaha! We ladled the pie filling into freezer bags and we had enough bags of filling for 15 apple pies!! AND, when we left her, there were still a lot of apples left. She probably got another 4 batches of filling (cooked by the vat of course!) out of it. (which is enough for about 20 pies. We supersized!)

Now, we can have apple pie all year round! Just take a bag out of the freezer, defrost and bake! I say, I am going to be sick of apple pies!

This is Wilbur but I like to call him "Little Piggie."He is our friend's pot belly pig and actually, pigs are cleaner than dogs! (Supposedly) He's really cute! And mostly house-trained. Always a plus! I took a video of him but it didn't turn out very well. I've been trying to convince Mom to let us get a pig but she said 'no.'

These are some of the apple peels that went in Wilbur's "trough." (Really though, it's more of a plastic tub that they put his food in. I guess you could call it a trough.) This is only some of the apple peels because....

Cam likes to eat them!!

He says it's like fruit roll-ups that are healthy for you. I say it's a long shot but hey, he likes them! It took me forever to get a good shot since I'm not very steady with the camera. (And even this shot isn't very good.) He was stationary too! Cam was watching a movie and eating great big strands of apple peels. I think he came back to the counter three or four times!

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