Friday, January 8, 2010

The Great Fish with Cancer Question

I've been presenting this scenario to my friends to see what they think.

So you now have a fish. Sure he's ugly but he's also your fish. You're rich now and this fish did not come off easy. In fact, it was very expensive!! (very expensive)

You're sitting in the waiting room at the vet's office. The doctor comes out with your (very expensive) fish in its bowl. The doctor has a very solemn expression upon his face and you notice your (very expensive) fish is not looking so good. He actually looks worse.

"I'm sorry," the doctor says sadly, "but your fish has a fare form of cancer. There's nothing we can do." he hands you the fish bowl and leaves you alone with your beloved (and expensive) pet. Sadly, you take in your ugly fish, your ugly fish. You bring the fish home.

Later that day, you hear of a fish practitioner who is willing to operate on your (very expensive) fish. He can surgically remove the tumor invading your poor (and expensive) fish's body. You have plenty of money but you will have to put your precious fish into the hands of a complete stranger for a little while...

So my question is this: Would you pay the money to remove the cancer in this fish?

It is such a silly question, I've found that it sparks rather interesting conversation. Of course, I don't always describe the whole scene. It might make a good story. Maybe the fish practitioner hasn't studied oncology for ichthyology like he claims....

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  1. If the doctor knew what he was doing, I would definately pay for the operation. Who would want their beloved fish to die??
    <3 Kyla


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