Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun Times with Chris!!

Chris is an engineer in our C3 group that we host here. Sometimes, he comes a little early and then we get to do fun things before everybody else gets here! We've done stuff like new math problems!

Last time, we made an awesome donkey piƱata for my dad! (shown left) We filled it with candy and made him bust it open with a plastic wiffle ball bat. It made for a great video!!

Today, Chris brought a really old (really old) box camera that was his grandfathers! It was super cool! It didn't have any film in it so we couldn't take any "real" pictures, but it was really neat to look through the view-finder. This camera is like 100 years old! Yee haw! I love old stuff.

Chris took the camera apart for me and showed me how it worked. He even drew a very nice diagram for me on the whiteboard! But when he found out I'd never made a home-made box camera, we had to make one! I dug up a shoebox and we made our own. It was really cool. We made a simple one and then we upgraded it, slowly adding to it to make it better as we went along. Chris said that to make it take an actual picture, we'd only have to add light-sensitive paper to the back of the box. The light would shine through the pinprick to the light-sensitive paper and the paper would record the image. I'm not sure how to explain it better but it's really neat stuff! So the above right is a camera that's 100 years old. And this (at left) is a homemade box camera, and THIS 

is a modern camera. Actually it's a camera+phone=ipod. Yes it is the Iphone!

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