Saturday, January 23, 2010


Twas the night before last,
When, all through the town,
Mighty torrents of raindrops,
Came all slashing down.

Just me and my family,
So warm in our beds,
As the house shook and shuddered,
Right over our heads! (Seriously)

But when we awoke,
What surprises! Oh Oh!
The great northern mountains,
Were dusted with Snow!!

More snow than ever,
Before had we seen!
Snow on our mountains,
White and pristine.

It's absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, the roads are closed up there but hopefully, they will open up again soon. Our youth group leader wants to take us up there for some fun after church tomorrow. Yay snow! Snowmen, and snow angels and snowball fights! Oh my! It feels like Christmas all over again! I'm so excited. I hope the roads will open up.

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