Monday, January 18, 2010

Studying for Bio

This morning, I took my biology test, (which I'll admit, I put off on Friday because I didn't want to do it. Let's be honest: biology is a monster of a subject!) I spent a good portion of the morning studying and memorizing my definitions plus the chemical process for cellular respiration...then, when I took the test, it turned out that I didn't even need to know the exact steps! (which is good because I accidentally forgot about 6 Hydrogen atoms) I could answer every question and I'm fairly confident that I got them right. It was awesome!

I've noticed that my note and test taking skills and habits have greatly improved since I've started homeschooling. At school, I hardly ever studied for tests but now that I am taking the time and effort to actually sit down and genuinely study, I am seeing great results!

All I can say, is that our AWANA team is going to crush everybody at Bible Quizzing!! Oh yeah!

Although, I really shouldn't be at the computer right now. I have more biology I have to do....

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