Sunday, January 24, 2010

HAPPINESS!!!! (aka. Milea's coming)

I have a wonderful penpal, whom I've been writing for about five and a half years. And in those five and a half years, we only saw each other in real life, twice. The day we met and another day, last June, when we stopped by her hometown for a couple hours. We are so alike, it's not even funny! We could be twins!! We have such similar tastes and we even look alike!

So, ever since I hung out with her last June, we've been trying to get her to fly out for Easter Break. And we finally booked her flight today! YAY!!! I am so happy! She will be here, the week just prior to Easter. I'm so excited! It even makes today feel a little better since we couldn't go the snow.

(The roads were closed so we couldn't go to the snow with Jacob. sadness. Maybe next weekend.) But Milea is coming and I am so so SO excited! yay!

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