Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Post and Fry Bread!

First post!! Yippee!! Well, I am a very fun bubbly person and I love lots of things as my profile will gladly tell you.

what else do you put in a first post? =)

oh, that's another thing about me. (that I forgot to add to my profile) I have an addiction to smiley face emoticons. Not even kidding. I use them all the time! Even in my snail mail letter writing awesomeness, which I am sure is very bad form but I don't care and neither do my friends, who actually read my letters.
I also have a tendency to use very long complicated run-on sentences when I'm writing or typing very fast.

Moving on to the fry bread:
Mom experimented with Fry Bread today since we had leftover oil from deep fried mac and cheese and chinese chicken wings from New Years. It was very yummy. She made this dough and squished it flat with a rolling pin and dropped it into the fry pan. man oh man! That was good stuff. Tastes almost like piroshkis!!

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