Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!

One of my friends invited me over today and we made so many cookies!! It was ridiculicious (thanks to uncle Brian for the awesome new word)! We had so much fun!
We made:

  • pumpkin cookies

  • yellow happy face cookies

  • a brand new invention that I made up! Yahoo!
Here's a pic of what I invented:

I'm not sure what to call it yet but it is fantabulous!!!
We can't reveal the recipe due to the possibility of Recipe Snatchers who might steal our idea and take credit for it. But we can tell you that it involved pecans, mint milky way bars, and pure awesome-ness!! Mmm, mmm. If only you could've tasted them!
They were so gooey and chocolate-y and warm!! It makes me feel all snuggly just thinking about it! ;)

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